This year sees the cinematic return of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and it also sees the conclusion of Brian Michael Bendis' years-long run with the franchise, so the odds were good that the ongoing series would be relaunched in some way to capitalize on the new film's release.

Today, Marvel announced that Deadpool's Gerry Duggan and Action Comics' Aaron Kuder, along with colorist Ive Svorcina, will launch All-New Guardians of the Galaxy in May, published on a twice-monthly schedule.

Announced in an interview on ComicBook.comAll-New Guardians of the Galaxy sees the crew back in space after the current "Grounded" storyline and sees the team's membership pared down to match that of the movies, with Groot now similarly stuck in baby form in what will by one of the series' many driving mysteries, alongside an ongoing Gamora storyline and the shocking news that Drax The Destroyer is now Drax The Pacifist.

In the interview, Duggan, Kuder and editor Jordan D. White spoke about the space western feel of the title and how they're going to tackle different aspects of Marvel's cosmic landscape. In the years without a functioning Nova Corps, different organizations have sprung up to keep things in line, and a big chunk of the first arc will center on the rivalry between The Collector and The Grandmaster, with the Guardians of the Galaxy stuck in the middle.

While the book will ship twice monthly, there will be character-focused issues to bridge the gaps between long arcs, and these issues will bring in guest artists to expand on the gap between the Guardians being grounded on Earth and getting back into space with a baby Groot and peaceful Drax.

Check out the full interview at for more information.


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