After 14 years of amazing animation, mathematical humor, annual cancellation threats, and Hedonismbot, Futurama's series finale aired last night, bringing to a close one of the best animated series of its time, and possibly ever. And to further celebrate the show's run you can check out this eBay auction of original Futurama art, revealed at this year's Comic-Con and signed by nearly the entire cast of the show, as well as series creator Matt Groening, Executive Producer David X. Cohen and Bongo Comics co-founder Bill Morrison, who illustrated the piece.


The drawing measures at 48 x 36 inches, and all proceeds from the auction will go to TLC (Tiny Loving Canines), a non-profit dog rescue in California. One can only assume this decision was partly motivated by the time those soulless monsters the writers killed off Fry's dog in "Jurassic Bark," which remains one of the most upsetting things in the history of things. You can check out a video from the Comic-Con panel below.




[Via Robot 6]



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