Futurama cast

Like about 50,000 other people my age, I used to have that famous Simpsons poster with every character in one shot. The amazing thing about it was that it made you realize that the number of characters in the show's then 10 year history was ridiculous, and trying to name all of them was an addictive game everyone who came into my dorm room in college decided they needed to play.

And though it only had 7 seasons, Futurama boasts a similarly robust collection of characters, with some recurring and others only showing up briefly, but memorably, in one episode. Either way, if you're a big enough fan, they all matter to you, and now Australian artist Unrellius has produced a similarly amazing Futurama poster featuring damn near every character who appeared on the show.

Unrellius, who shared the poster on his DeviantArt page, says the project took him 14 months to illustrate. If that's not a labor of absolute love, I don't know what is.

The poster really is amazing, and deserves to be viewed in its full glory. To do so, head on over to Unrellius' page.

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