In an apparent attempt to alienate everyone ever, Fox is bringing back "Futurama" without its original voice talent after all. Comicvine confirms fans' worst fears with a link to Killerfilm's voice actor audition information.

To be fair, there was plenty of warning. We've been following this story from an initial announcement to last week's Comic-Con where the voice talent skipped the "Futurama" panel. But just because the news was delayed doesn't mean the show's fan base is any less bummed.

There's 13 episodes in the pipeline for 2010, which means 13 30-minute blocks Comedy Central will have to convince viewers the show is still legit.

Personally, I thought this was all just a negotiating tactic. Remember when "Friends" and "The Simpsons" had money drama every season?

We'll all doubtless be waiting to see how the new season shakes out. So good luck to the new cast. Please don't suck, okay?

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