Synchronizing with the popular costume changes of the current members of the Fanastic Four, Mighty Fine released a set of Future Foundation t-shirts just in time for Marvel Comics fans to update their wardrobes. Hit the jump to step into the future of fantastic fashion with the Future Foundation!Each t-shirt features the minimalist graphic seen on each Future Foundation member's costume as designed by Marko Djurdjevic. While these looks are not as blatant as the classic Fantastic Four emblem, the black and white hexagonal motif provide a crisp stylistic break from your standard superhero emblem t-shirt, and will ikely have stylish strangers inquiring as to where you shop. Each shirt is made of 100% pure cotton and will run you $25.

The point of these new costumes is to really hammer home that everything is fresh and new in the series again-and that it feels like a black-and-white world, following Johnny's death. Marko Djurdjevic took my suggestion of "white outfits" and ran with it. The hexagonal emblems were all him.

- Tom Brevoort [S.V.P. of Publishing, Marvel]

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