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Holiday Gift Guide: The DJ Pon3 Backpack
The DJ Pon3 Hug Me Backpack Available From: WeLoveFine Price: $49.00 If you're reading this, odds are pretty good that you have a Brony/Pegasister/tiny little girl on your shopping list. Fortunately, there are a ton of pretty neat gifts out there for My Little Pony fans, but even the most devoted die-hard might be a little leery of a backpack shaped like an obscure background character who has en
Avengers T-Shirt Design Contest Winners on Sale at WeLoveFine
WeLoveFine has announced the winners of its Avengers t-shirt design contest, which was judged by Ryan Penagos, the editorial director of Marvel.com, and, uh, me. Ryan and I had some differing opinions (his were mostly wrong) but we nonetheless managed to team up and come away with a grand prize winner, two judges picks, a runner-up and a host of excellent honorable mentions...
Holiday Gift Guide: Mighty Fine’s Comic Book T-Shirts
Mighty Fine T-Shirts Publisher: Mighty Fine Price: $25 Comic book fans and t-shirts go together like... well, like clothing and people who probably shouldn't walk around naked in places with public decency laws. As a result, a cool shirt can make a pretty great gift, if you can find one with a cool enough design that someone would actually want to wear it -- and thanks to the folks at Mighty Fine
Mighty Fine Unleashes Ladies’ Shirts Featuring Marvel, Scott Pilgrim, Futurama [Fashion]
T-shirt design company Mighty Fine has greatly expanded their line of women's shirts, including new designs and designs that were until now only available in men's sizes. We have previously spotlighted Mighty Fine on ComicsAlliance for their unique designs catering to fans of Marvel Comics, Scott Pilgrim, Star Wars, Adventure Time, and more fan-favorite franchises, so we were stoked when Mighty Fi
The Ladies of X-Men Go ’80s with Mighty Fine [Fashion]
Known for their unique selection of Marvel t-shirts, Mighty Fine channeled the signature illustration style of Patrick Nagel in their latest collection of 1980s-inspired t-shirts featuring the lovely ladies of the X-Men. Phoenix, Storm, Rogue, and Shadowcat get the full '80s fashion treatment, resulting in a set of bodacious mutant muses that could make Duran Duran swoon - check out the collection
Art Nouveau X-Men T-Shirts by Megan Lara are Mighty Fine [Fashion]
Artist Megan Lara transformed the ladies of the X-Men into art nouveau muses in her recent collaboration with Mighty Fine, a set of t-shirts featuring Phoenix, Mystique, and Kitty Pryde (Lockheed included!). The new shirts follow a number of comics-related releases from Mighty Fine, and you can check out this lovely collection after the jump...

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