Mighty Fine T-Shirts

Publisher: Mighty Fine

Price: $25

Comic book fans and t-shirts go together like... well, like clothing and people who probably shouldn't walk around naked in places with public decency laws. As a result, a cool shirt can make a pretty great gift, if you can find one with a cool enough design that someone would actually want to wear it -- and thanks to the folks at Mighty Fine, there are a ton of great shirts to choose from.The only problem with Mighty Fine's shirts is that they tend to be really expensive -- every t-shirt I've checked out on the site was $25 before shipping, which is more than twice what it costs to pick up a Threadless shirt at one of their frequent sales. But the flipside of that is that they have shirts you can't get anywhere else that are absolutely perfect for a very specific desire.

For instance, you can get a Spider-Man shirt just about anywhere, but a shirt where Spider-Man is also a MODOK?

Or a neat design that looks like something the X-Men would wear to a protest?

Or even a shirt of Dr. Doom riding a unicorn?

That's what Mighty Fine brings to the table. And speaking of unicorns, they also have a huge selection of great My Little Pony stuff, including a shirt for that extremely narrow demographic that is totally into both Rainbow Dash and Joy Division:

And, you know, if you happen to be a 29-year-old man who is totally into Jem, Mighty Fine has that as well:

Again: A little pricey, but the neat, unique designs they have to offer go a step beyond the usual pop culture shirt to make them a solid gift idea. And put Dr. Doom on a unicorn.

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