Known for their unique selection of Marvel t-shirts, Mighty Fine channeled the signature illustration style of Patrick Nagel in their latest collection of 1980s-inspired t-shirts featuring the lovely ladies of the X-Men. Phoenix, Storm, Rogue, and Shadowcat get the full '80s fashion treatment, resulting in a set of bodacious mutant muses that could make Duran Duran swoon - check out the collection after the jump!The women of the X-Men are restylized into the clean, minimalist style that's synonymous with Nagel's work: the facial features are simplified, the hairstyles are amplified, and the heroines are juxtaposed with fine lines and stripes. Similar to the female subjects in Nagel's original artwork, Phoenix, Storm, Rogue, and Shadowcat are depicted as gorgeous and empowered women they are.

Fashion Phoenix shirt, $25 (available in charcoal, black, and white)

Fashion Storm shirt, $25 (available in silver, red, and white)

The highlights of this collection are the Shadowcat and Rogue shirts, which re-envision the heroines as the cover girls of Nagel's classic Rio album artwork for Duran Duran. The placement of Lockheed on Kitty Pryde's shoulder in place of the original giant ruffled collar, and of Rogue's signature white swatch of hair in place of the original floral hair clip are absurdly clever.

Fashion Shadowcat, $25 (available in light blue, charcoal, and white)
Fashion Rogue shirt, $25 (available in white, black, and light navy)

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