We've featured the excellent and stylish Marvel comics shirts from MightyFine several times before, but as a lady I had the same question that I have about virtually every other line of superhero-related apparel: Why aren't there any designs in women's sizes? (Especially when they feature awesome female characters?)

Well, the fine folks at Mighty Fine have heard my pleas, and are now offering some of their best shirts in babydoll sizes.

The new shirts include both the Patrick Nagel-inspired series of '80s X-Men designs, and Megan Lara's gorgeous art nouveau portraits of X-Women like Rogue and Phoenix. All the shirts comes in multiple colors, and we've got a gallery of the styles below. The primary reason we don't see more more awesome comics shirts in women's sizes is a perceived lack of interest, so if you'd like to see more, vote for them with your dollars!

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