T-shirt design company Mighty Fine has greatly expanded their line of women's shirts, including new designs and designs that were until now only available in men's sizes. We have previously spotlighted Mighty Fine on ComicsAlliance for their unique designs catering to fans of Marvel Comics, Scott Pilgrim, Star Wars, Adventure Time, and more fan-favorite franchises, so we were stoked when Mighty Fine started making some of their coolest comic designs available in women's sizes earlier this year. The inclusion of women's sizes has made way for an impressively large collection of stellar shirts that are both nerdy, stylish, and flattering.

Click the jump for some of our favorite picks from Mighty Fine's women's line and for a coupon code just for ComicsAlliance readers!

Fashion Rogue, $25 [link]

Evil Ex-Girlfriend, $25 [link]

Mara Jade Nouveau, $25 [link]

Fashion La Lune, $25 [link]

Sign O' the Phoenix, $25 [link]

Fashion Uhura, $25 [link]

90's Storm Costume, $25 [link]

Fashion Planet X, $25 [link]

Lumpy OMG, $25 [link]

Jem Kiss, $25 [link]

Shadowcat Nouveau, $25 [link]

Synergy Pin-Up, $25 [link]

Fashion Stormer, $25 [link]

Battle of Yavin, $25 [link]

SP Bi-Furious, $25 [link]

Fashion L'Amour, $25 [link]

Star Wars: A New Pixel, $25 [link]

What would you guys like to see in the future of Mighty Fine's women's line? Personally, my life would be complete if this Dr. Strange shirt were available in women's sizes...

For ComicsAlliance readers who want to add some Mighty Fine swag to their wardrobe, use coupon code COMICSALLIANCE10 on your next Mighty Fine purchase and get 10% off your entire order!

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