Movies: If you were bummed when you heard Warner Bros. was shutting down the live action Akira movie, don't worry, it could still totally be ruined by Hollywood happen! [Variety]

Conventions: If you dig Grant Morrison, you may want to keep track of the mysterious MorrisonCon, which is apparently coming in the fall of 2012. [Blog@]

Toys: After years of anticipation, Diamond Select Toys has posted a countdown to a Battle Beasts related announcement of some kind. [Toy Ark]

Humor: Spacekisser may be the last Star Trek homage/parody/fan vid you ever need to watch. [TDW]

Movies: Rifftrax's take on Captain America: The First Avenger will arrive on Tuesday. [Rifftrax]

Threads: Mightyfine's new Ice King shirt from Adventure Time may not have sleeves, but it could get you through these cold winter months. [Frederator]

Furniture: Instructables user Orvis can teach you a thing or two about building your own Bat-Signal papasan chair. [Neatorama]

Tokusatsu: A new trailer for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie (opening January 21 in Japan) unites the latest Sentai team with the original Metal Hero. [ANN]

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