Toys: Hot Toys is teasing prototype pieces for its upcoming 1/6 scale figure based on Batman: Arkham City. [Hot Toys]

Thought Pieces: Tom Spurgeon and others ponder the future of comic book back-issue sales. [The Comics Reporter]

Digital: IDW is currently offering its selection of Doctor Who comics for $0.99 a pop on comiXology. [IDW]

Webcomics: ShiftyLook has announced its third dormant Namco Bandai game to get a webcomic adaptation: Bravoman. [Kotaku]

Digital Comics: Apple has finally added a proper "Comics & Graphic Novels" section to its iTunes bookstore. Most of the currently available material was already for sale in iBooks, but it's nice to see a legit section after all this time. [Robot 6]

Contests: Mighty Fine is hosting a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World t-shirt design contest with judges Bryan Lee O'Malley and The Beguiling's Chris Butcher. Get those submissions in before March 28. [Mighty Fine]

Art: Eyeshield 21 artist Yuusuke Murata recently posted a super cool multimedia comic on Twitter that's fun to read (and employs some interesting DIY 3-D effects) even if you can't read a word of Japanese. [ANN]

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