The DJ Pon3 Hug Me Backpack

Available From: WeLoveFine

Price: $49.00

If you're reading this, odds are pretty good that you have a Brony/Pegasister/tiny little girl on your shopping list. Fortunately, there are a ton of pretty neat gifts out there for My Little Pony fans, but even the most devoted die-hard might be a little leery of a backpack shaped like an obscure background character who has enjoyed a grand total of twelve seconds of screen time.

Until you mention that it comes with a light-up cutie mark.

Boom. LEDs, son.

The backpack isn't exactly functional -- the pocket is 5" by 5", so only really big enough to hold an mp3 player or a few pocket-sized notebooks -- but what it lacks in practicality, it makes up for in glowing music note cutie mark. And also for being an insanely specific product for fans of MLP minutiae.

If, however, your gifting target's tastes run a little more mainstream, don't worry: there's a Rainbow Dash available too.

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