Movies: Sinestro and Kilowog get their own Green Lantern movie posters as the film's June 17 release date charges closer. [Yahoo]

Sigh: When creating superhero fan films with your friends involving shotguns, be sure not to use live ammunition. You might shoot your buddy dressed as Spider-Man in the leg. [Gamma Squad]

Retail: Barnes & Noble will be pushing multimedia-friendly single issue comics in their newsstand sections before long. [The Beat]

Fan Films: Indy Mogul shows how its special effects techniques super soldier-style with their fan film Captain America: The Fighting Avenger. [YouTube]

TV: Michael Rosenbaum returns to Smallville as Lex Luthor in the series' 2-hour finale on May 13 and EW has an early image of he and Clark's reunion. [Entertainment Weekly]

Videos: Clark Kent and company's booze-soaked adventures by Adam and Aaron Nee are a thing of surreal beauty. Episode four shows the hardships of using a green screen around Green Lantern. [iFanboy]

Customs: As an avid Earthworm Jim collector, Jin-Saotome's custom assembled from chunks of DC/Image characters and the classic EWJ toy nearly brings tears of wormy joy to my eyes. [Toycutter]

Threads: Mighty Fine adjusts its Thor Fever output accordingly with several new tees. Also, their Soviet era style Colossus is pretty wonderful. [Mighty Fine]

Toys: Art Asylum's assembled Vigo the Carpathian, Titanic Ghost, Jogger Ghost and Slimer in one box for your Ghostbuster Minimates to trap. [Toynewsi]

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