Artist Megan Lara transformed the ladies of the X-Men into art nouveau muses in her recent collaboration with Mighty Fine, a set of t-shirts featuring Phoenix, Mystique, and Kitty Pryde (Lockheed included!). The new shirts follow a number of comics-related releases from Mighty Fine, and you can check out this lovely collection after the jump.Megan Lara's impressive portfolio is filled with beautiful Alphonse Mucha-inspired renditions of some of geekdom's favorite women in comics, video games, and pop culture, with each piece showcasing the muse's beauty and strength. Her X-Men pieces for Mighty Fine are no exception.

The latest addition to Lara's art nouveau X-Men is a gorgeous Kitty Pryde shirt that not only features her dragon companion, Lockheed, but shows Kitty phasing through the design itself.

Both the Phoenix and Mystique shirts feature a dial motif behind each heroine, which includes the X-Men symbol. Lara plays with the elements of fire and death associated with each character within each of their art nouveau profiles.

For those of you who prefer anti-heroes, Lara also created this great Deadpool piece, which is also available at Mighty Fine:

Previous art nouveau-i-sized geek girl designs by Megan Lara that have been made into t-shirts include Princess Zelda, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Samus Aran, Chell and Felicia Day. You can find the links to those shirts at Lara's website.