Before the world was trained to think of faceless armies of armored bad guys as expendable clones (thanks a lot, Star Wars prequels!), the throngs of fandom were content to watch their favorite heroes lay waste to scores of thugs they just assumed were the grown up versions of the bullies nobody liked in high school. Leave it to legendary scribe Larry Hama to reinstate this soothing preconception in the upcoming G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Annual #1, which sees both the Joes and Cobra hunt down a rogue band of Cobra Crimson Guardsmen full of the type of jerks you've always imagined would sign up for the world's most evil organization. Featuring art by the team of Ron Frenz, Ron Wagner and Herb Trempe with inks by Sal Buscema, the 48-page tale of malicious dudes so lame, even the bad guys don't like them, goes on sale tomorrow. You can preview the first 8 pages provided by IDW after the jump.From IDW's official solicitation info:

In this special 40-page story, G.I. Joe is on the trail of a rogue unit of Crimson Guardsmen. But the Joes aren't the only ones hunting down the renegade threat: Zartan and his Dreadnoks have been sent by COBRA to handle the situation. This could get ugly for the Joes!

Read nine pages of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Annual #1 below:

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