Toy subscription services have their ups and downs, but if you love some of the more obscure G.I. Joe heroes and villains, The G.I. Joe Collector's Club exclusive subscription lineup of upcoming figures will probably prove enticing. The roughly $294 subscription (plus a club membership fee that starts at $44) includes 12 3.75" figures, plus a mystery 13th character, spanning numerous incarnations of the G.I. franchise. As noted by several toy sites, the overall price is pretty considerable if you're not a die-hard collector, especially since the line's release dates aren't ironclad just yet. I am personally tempted to indulge in the subscription simple to get my own 3.75" Iron Klaw from G.I. Joe: Extreme (a cartoon with arguably the best opening sequence ever and a tie-in comic book miniseries from Dark Horse that featured covers by Frank Miller, Norm Breyfogle and Walter Simonson). Full ordering and payment details are at the G.I. Joe Collector's Club website, but you can browse the subscription's figure lineup after the cut to see what you think.

[Via Tomopop, HISS Tank, G.I. Joe Club]