Gabriel Bautista Jr. has contributed to stories at DC Comics and Image, but you may not have seen what his art looks like when he lets his sense of humor and watercolors run wild with Spider-Man and the Hulk. Bautista's got a decisive, tender look about his illustrations. He manages to pack the tongue-in-cheek goofiness of a Geof Darrow comic in with the frailty and organic feel of someone like Moritat.

Bautista's got an easy-to-follow Tumblr feed, which is loaded with sketches and much more elaborate Star Wars and Hellboy commissions. He's also got a Blogger account with much of the same and some sequential work that's worth having a look at.

There may be no better example of Bautisa's handiwork than his concept "Sentinel Sanctum" #0 cover, however. He draws a fine Wolverine, but this is may be the best that one of Marvel's torn-up mutant hunters has looked since Sean McKeever's old series with the Udon artwork. Check out a smattering of Bautista's art below: