DC has just announced that writer Gail Simone will soon be leaving "Wonder Woman" after over two years on the title, and while female creators ceasing to write books about superheroines is sort of the opposite of what we've been focusing on throughout Girl Week, Simone's plate is already pretty full with "Birds of Prey," "Secret Six" and a newly announced "Welcome to Tranquility" miniseries coming in July.

In a post on The Source, Simone called her "Wonder Woman" run "one of the most thrilling things in my career. There aren't many jobs in comics as cool as writing dialogue for Hippolyta as she's riding a flying horse and stabbing giant sea monsters. I had a blast and as always when I leave a book, I'm going to miss the cast terribly." Although her final issue wasn't named, Simone hinted at "a little treat that is a life-long dream of mine coming true in 'Wonder Woman' #600."

Nor was the next writer announced, although Simone hinted at a big name stepping in to fill her shoes: "I am genuinely thrilled by who is taking over the book. It's someone who is going to rock this book like there's no tomorrow, and I could not be happier with this choice. They got this one 100% right. I think it's going to be a new era of greatness for our princess. People are going to freak and that makes me smile a lot."

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