As perhaps the most prominent female writer in superhero comics today, Gail Simone might not be the first person in the industry that you'd expect to get called out for sexism and misogyny. And yet, a male reader (and self-proclaimed gender studies student) -- who also patronized Simone with comments like, "You don't understand feminism, dear" -- did just that yesterday, sparking both a Twitter meme and a response from Simone herself.

The "Wonder Woman" writer has asked her Twitter followers to help detail the many reasons she supposedly detests her own gender in a tongue-in-cheek Twitter hashtag called #gailhateswomen. Here's a smattering of the responses so far, and it's still going strong:

@GidgetAnne: @GailSimone created Women in Refrigerators to get women out of refrigerators so she could force them to make dinner for her.

@KriegsaffeNo9 Jane Chill shot Gail Simone's parents as they were leaving the theater. Cue oath of vengeance, training, comic writing.

@brianalynch: It's true - @GailSimone is writing DC's multiverse retort to Marvel's "Girl Comics", called "A Crisis in Infinite Kitchens".

@fodigg: When asked what she thought of her female fans, @GailSimone asked with horror "Who taught these women to read?"

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