What do you get when you blend the creative teams behind Dinosaur Comics, The Adventures of Doctor McNinja and Nedroid? If you're Namco Bandai's webcomic arm, ShiftyLook, you get an all-new ongoing Galaga adventure. Written by Ryan North, with art by Christopher Hastings and colors by Anthony Clark, the new Galaga comic will flesh out the straightforward arcade shooter series' canon with an original narrative with new strips posted every Monday and Friday.From ShiftyLook's press release:

Based on the retro arcade classic from NAMCO BANDAI Games, Galaga delves into the lives of Penelope and Betty as they do what gamers do best: protect the earth from alien invaders! Galaga is the latest in ShiftyLook's ever-growing line of retro games-turned-webcomics.

Originally released as a sequel to the similarly designed 1979 arcade title Galaxian, Galaga became a hit in arcades starting in 1981 and spawned five sequels plus numerous remakes/remixes over the years, most of which can be found on essentially every major gaming platform in one form or another.

The gaming franchise is so popular that it's even escaped our reality, as seen in the Avengers film, when Tony Stark calls out a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent for playing the title during work hours on the Helicarrier. Given the popularity of the creators working on the Galaga comic, it seems likely that students/employees will similarly be scolded by the Tony Starks in their lives for digging in to the new adventure rather than focusing on their mundane tasks at hand.

The first page of Galga is now live at ShiftyLook.

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