Whether he's working with wet ink or the touch screen on an iPad 2, Gene Gonzales can be a blast to watch when he's playing around with his superhero art. His black-and-white Batgirl and Storm have a sharp, peppery quality straight out of a Love & Rockets issue or a Cliff Chiang print. His digital work, meanwhile, lights up Plastic Man's bravado and Phoenix's cosmically endowed flames with some fine color choices.Gonzales has been toying around with the New Gods most recently in the feed at his sketch blog. A few of his works are also up for sale at his Big Cartel store.

Gonzales' funnier musings and his extensive portfolio of pin-ups are impressive due to the number of costumes and character designs he has drawn alone. Surely you will find a few familiar faces among them.

A handful of our favorites have been posted down below: