It may still be tragically difficult to get your hands on the original Shaolin Cowboy comic book miniseries by Geof Darrow and the Wachowskis, but the silent hero of the fantastical west has been making a killer comeback nonetheless. Darrow teamed with writer Andrew Vachss for the recently-released The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine through Dark Horse and is now expanding into collectibles with a limited edition vinyl figure from toymaker Wednesday's Finest. Designed by Darrow himself and crafted by renowned sculptor Monster5 (who has done stellar work on Johnny Ryan's Prison Pit characters, among other projects), the figure stands 14" tall and is limited to 500 pieces, 200 of which will sport an alternate colorway of Darrow's choice. Fans have until February to save up for the suggested retail price of $110, or you can pre-order one now if you're able to divert holiday shopping funds to, y'know, treat yourself.

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