As more and more of Marvel's Secret Wars titles are announced, the method behind the madness is slowly becoming clear; Marvel is throwing all kinds of crazy ideas at the wall to see what sticks, and it's doing it in a market where some of its blockbuster titles like Jonathan Hickman's Avengers and Brian Michael Bendis's X-Men aren't around to divert all the attention. Without these juggernauts in play, Marvel has a clearer view of the concepts and creators that can grab audience attention and stand a chance of building buzz. Here's one of the wild bets that shows particular promise; Ghost Racers, by Felipe Smith and Juan Gedeon.

Set on an infernal racetrack where bound souls compete in a no-rules dash for the finish line --- and a chance to leave the arena --- Ghost Racers brings together extreme versions of all the big name Ghost Riders, including Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Alejandra, and current title-holder Robbie Reyes. Judging from this unlettered preview, the contestants also include the original cowboy Ghost Rider, aka Phantom Rider, who is now a centaur with side-mounted cannons. It's going to be that kind of book. The amazing kind of book.


Cover art by Francesco Francavilla, via Twitter


Few artists know how to really capture the energy and pace of a car chase, but these pages suggest that Juan Gedeon knows exactly what he's doing. Series editor Mark Paniccia notes, "we’re leaning into the vehicle design, speed and hellfire of it all. It’s visual dynamite.” Demonically designed vehicles in a cursed version of Wacky Races? That's exactly the sort of madness that we want to see in Secret Wars.



Here's the solicitation:

Slade Variant by DAN PANOSIAN
Reyes Variant by TRADD MOORE

Robbie Reyes, Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Alejandra Blaze and many, many more step into the arena for all-out, high-speed warfare. The stakes have never been higher as the most vicious Spirits of Vengeance ever do battle for they’re very souls! Buckle up for a wild ride this June for GHOST RACERS #1!


Ghost Racers #1 goes on sale June 2015.