Everyone loves trivia about their favorite animated features and series, but with over 100 years of animation history behind us right now, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite names in cartoons in this continuing video series. You think you know cartoons? Well, here’s a few things you might not know!

This week we're taking a look at America's realest hero of them all, GI Joe! For example, did you know that the "GI" in "GI Joe" doesn't stand for "gastro-intestinal"? It's true. This fact isn't actually in the video, but it is the kind of knowledge you can expect to pick up from this bad boy, which does include a chance meeting at the urinals, a subliminal message for dweebs, and a semi-fictional human who became more fictional when a different fictional human didn't want to be fictional in a different way. It, uh, makes more sense in context, kind of.

Show notes:

  • You can get the entire original Sunbow-Marvel GI Joe series, including the two original mini-series, here.
  • If you're more a fan of the later DIC series from 1989, you can get the first season of that series here, and season 2 here.
  • Or if you prefer Sigma 6 for some reason, you can check that out here.
  • Resolute, the series written by Warren Ellis, is available on DVD here.
  • The most recent Joe series, Renegades, is available here.
  • And, of course, the original GI Joe movie is available here.

Check out some installments of our other video series below, and let us know which cartoon series you think we should cover next in You Think You Know Cartoons?



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