When the premise behind Hasbro's upcoming G.I. Joe Renegades animated series first surfaced, I thought the idea of fugitive Joes battling a mega corporate Cobra Industries was a nice change of pace from more straightforward good v.s. evil plots from the past. Still, I had my doubts about whether the nature of the conflict would be fully explored on a show designed to sell toys (that's not a value judgment, my desk is covered in Joes). Judging from The Hub network's new promos for the series, however, Cobra could get Umbrella Corporation-level scary if the ragtag team of Joes can't undermine its stranglehold on American infrastructure and public opinion. Cobra is so evil, they steal the classic Joe PSA tagline!The Hub's fake Cobra ad gets extra points for feeling just like the creepy mega corporate PR jobs that air between cable news programs. Its propaganda vibe is so well done that it would honestly flow flawlessly between ads for pills curing erectile dysfunction and fear mongering life insurance policy commercials.

Successful parody aside, fans still have yet to see a whole lot of footage from Renegades. The Hub's official preview seems to lack full audio, but does frame some Joe action. The jury is still out on the series' nontraditional aesthetic, but fans can make up their minds in full when the show debuts on November 26. Or you can wait for IDW's Renegades comic book down the road a little further.

Check out both the Cobra commercial and The Hub's most recent Renegades clip below:

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