For those of you whose lives have been suffering from a deficiency of magical hijinx, we have some good news: That Sabrina the Teenage Witch cartoon that was announced by Archie Comics and the Hub in 2011 is finally set to debut next month, just in time for Halloween. Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch, which stars High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale as Sabrina and My Little Pony's Tabitha St. Germain as Aunt Hilda -- making it just one dirtbike and half a Bulbasaur away from being my Platonic ideal of television -- will kick off on Saturday, October 12.

And from the looks of things, it seems like it actually will be pretty heavily influenced by Tania Del Rio's manga-inspired 70-issue run on the Sabrina comic.



According to the Hub's website -- and as you might expect from the title -- the series is going to focus on Sabrina's double life as a teenage high schooler by day and a top student in the darkest of all magicks by night. That's a pretty common theme in Sabrina stories, but like Del Rio's run, the show is also set to introduce Shinji, a new love interest who is also the son of the Magical Realm's evil head witch, Enchantra.

Of course, Del Rio's Shinji was more of a blue-haired anime prettyboy and less dressed up like a Dracula, but I still think it counts.

It's worth noting that the show's aesthetic has changed quite a bit from those original designs we saw in 2011. I'm tempted to say that's a shame since I was really intrigued by the spiky, angular, tattooed half-TRON look we saw then, but even I'm not so attached to my snap judgments that I'll bag on a show that's not out yet in favor of one that never got made.



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