Like Brandon Graham, James Stokoe and so many other artists raised on a steady diet of manga and anime, Giannis Milonogiannis feels his manga influences without a slavish devotion to them. He plays with anatomy and tones down his facial expressions to create characters who draw you in rather than emote at you, making his characters the star even among their futuristic body armor and neon-tinged backgrounds.
Milonogiannis is the creator of Old City Blues, which CA's own David Brothers found a delightful science fiction surprise. More recently, he's been handling art duties on Brandon Graham's Prophet, lending his sketchy sci-fi talents to the tale of a time-traveling soldier. Milonogiannis' fanart shows that he can also translate his understated features to less science fictional comics (though he does cheekily upgrade Judge Dredd to Super Sentai Judge Dredd).

You can follow Milonogiannis through his Tumblr and deviantART, and watch him pick up weekly sketch challenges with his cohorts at the comics group Brand New Nostalgia.

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