The Pokémon Company seems to be on a quest to render all furniture obsolete. First, it was the giant, (almost) life-sized Snorlax that can double as a sofa and physical manifestation of my true self, and the trend of giant plush Pokémon has continued with the company's latest release. Soon, all structures will be Pokémon, and we will be living in a finer world for it.

According to PokeShopper, which keeps an eye on upcoming Pokémon merchandise, next month will see the release of a giant-sized version of the special Valentine's Day edition of Pikachu, putting an end to the very concept of throw pillows.


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As PokeShopper reports, the giant plush dolls will be highly limited. Only 100 each will be made of the giant "Male" and "Female" versions of Pikachu, with a retail price of ¥8000  --- about $70, if you happen to be in Japan next week. The previously released medium sized and smaller versions are also getting a re-release, with the medium-sized pair being limited to 500 each for ¥2000 ($17.73) and the smaller "Mascot" size at ¥1500 ($13.30), with only 800 being made and sold.

"But I don't want new furniture," you may be saying to yourself, "and my throw pillows are nice, even though they can't learn Thunderbolt no matter how hard I try to level them up by fighting other throw pillows!" Well, friend, there's something for you, too: As seen in the picture above, you can get yourself some fresh kicks with one of 500 pairs of Pikachu Slippers for a mere  ¥1800 ($16.00).

Head to PokeShopper for more details, and please get them for me. I'm good for it.

Editor's Note: Chris is not good for it.