The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes gifts! It’s always lovely to receive something special from someone you love, but there’s also a particular pleasure that comes in giving a really well chosen gift and knowing that it’s truly appreciated. Sometimes it really is better to give than to receive! In that spirit, ComicsAlliance is here to inspire you with some great ideas for gifts to buy for your friends and family. Each gift guide is taiored to a particular personality type or special interests, and today we're looking at gifts for bookworms besides books!

Book lovers can be very hard to buy for. It seems obvious at first: just buy them a bunch of books, right? But it’s not easy keeping up with the reading habits of voracious readers, and there's always a risk that you'll give them books they’ve already read, or classics they already own several copies of, or books they're just going to hate. Gift cards are often a book lover’s best friend, but they can come off as impersonal, so we've come up with some gift ideas that go beyond just buying more books. (But there's never anything wrong with "more books" in general principle.)

We've divided this list into four types of bookworm; the librarian, the fashionista, the writer, and the chef. The librarian may never have worked in a library, but they certainly treat their personal collection like one. The fashionista is the well-dressed reader, that friend who is always on top of the latest trends in books <i>and</i> fashion. The writer is that friend who is alwayds looking for fresh inspiration for books of their own. And the chef has a huge collection of cookbooks and spends all their time either reading or cooking; cooking or reading.


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