Marvel's Strange Tales II #2 arrives in stores next week, and while the indie creator anthology is bursting at the seams with talent, the issue should especially resonate with fans of Love and Rockets creators (and all around prolific talents) the Hernandez brothers. Not only will the issue sport a cover and content by Jaime Hernandez, it will also include "Old-School Rules!" a short by Gilbert Hernandez starring Iron Man and original Human Torch sidekick Toro. Check out our exclusive preview from Marvel after the jump.Gilbert Hernandez is joined by colorist Jim Campbell and letterer Jared Fletcher for a story uniting Marvel's Golden Age with its swinging Silver Age. While Hernandez's penchant for magic realism isn't necessarily going to be a component of this tale, judging from the first panel, Tony Stark is already on his way to a boozy realm of his own making (and looks like he couldn't be happier).

See out a sample from Gilbert Hernandez's upcoming Strange Tales contribution below, followed by Jaime Hernandez's cover: