When you come across a website called "Girls Drawing Girls," it's not hard to figure out the site's premise - but if you're still confused, it's a blog where, well, girls draw girls.

Founded in 2006 by cartoonists Melody Severns and Anne Walker, the primary goal of "Girls Drawing Girls" is to "showcase women artists working in the male-dominated industry of animation. Together, they felt it was time for these talented women to demonstrate their creative abilities and artistic interpretations of female sexuality by re-defining the art of the pin-up."

The main action takes place on the "Girls" blog, where multiple illustrations and musings are posted on a daily basis by the site's many artists. There's a healthy blend of mainstream characters like Starfire and Rogue mixed in with lesser known and wholly original character illustrations. The styles range from clean and cartoony to material that's decidedly unsafe for work - in other words, something for everyone.

Head on over to the blog to check out the excellent work on display (though, again, be cautious of the NSFW stuff) then come back and tell us what you think. Personally, I'm a fan of Mummy Girl.

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