The countdown to the final issue of Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell's 12-issue run on Glory begins this Wednesday at what's more or less the crack of 2013, just in time for the Rob Liefeld-created heroine's 20th anniversary year. From the looks of the latest preview of Glory #31, turning approximately 20 comes just in time for what's shaping up to be the character's definitive arc. Starring an empowered cast of diverse women (and more than a few female demons and monsters), Keatinge and Campbell's run was one of the most welcome surprises of 2012 for readers who may have dismissed the previously waif-y warrior in the '90s. Image Comics has provided us with an early look at this week's sword, sandwich and skydiving-filled installment of the series, which you can check out after the cut.From Image's official solicitation info:

'WAR TORN,' Part One

The entire first year of Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell's GLORY saga has been leading to this: Glory vs. Silverfall.

PLUS: a special flashback sequence illustrated by Ulises Farinas finally revealing why Glory was near death when Riley found her.

You can read six pages from Glory #31 below.

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