The guys at Onell Design, best known for their line of customizable Glyos System action figures (think Micronauts with plastic pegs instead of magnets) are getting comic book crazy with their new line of Buildman toys, posting new mods based on some of Marvel Comics' most popular heroes.

The Glyos Transmission Web Log has plenty of individual shots of the Marvel-inspired looks, but this group shot featuring designs based on Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine really sum up the potential of this line of toys.

There's a few other customs too, namely the villainous android Ultron, Master Chief from "Halo" and Samus Aran from the "Metroid" games.

These mods were built using parts from several different Glyos toy base models, many of which are currently sold out. Looking at these guys, it's not difficult to understand why.