For James Stokoe fans, IDW's five-issue Godzilla: Half-Century War series hasn't been a hard sell. Who better to synthesize 60+ years of the world's biggest monster battles than the creator of the out-of-control Wonton Soup and Orc Stain? Over the course of the series, Stokoe's done a deft job of hitting many of the highest points in Godzilla lore through the lens of two honorable human soldiers who've fought their hardest to rid the planet of kaiju intent on leaving the planet a smoldering sphere caked in the ashes of civilization. Whether you're a hardcore Godzilla fan or a casual reader who has just begun exploring the monster's multifaceted mythos, Half-Century War stands as both a satisfying capstone and captivating jumping-on point. In anticipation of next Wednesday's conclusion to the nuclear-powered miniseries, IDW has given ComicsAlliance a first-look at its final issue. Get a load of a selection of Stokoe's monster-smashing Godzilla: Half-Century War #5 after the jump.From IDW's official solicitation info:

Ota Murakami has fought Godzilla for fifty years. The decades have been hard on Ota, and he is seemingly no closer to his goal. Now, in the frozen wastes of Antarctica, the end of the world beckons. Ota and Ken gear up for a deadly final battle, and only one beast will be left standing at its end! This is the book you'll be talking about for years! Don't miss it!

You can check out seven pages of Godzilla: Half-Century War # 5 below.

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