For those of you who have been experiencing a distinct lack of giant monster fighting in your lives today, take heart, because we've found exactly what you need! This week, the Monster Brains blog has been posting a truly amazing collection of kaiju movie posters from all over the world, in which the distinctly Japanese Godzilla rampages all over Poland, France, Germany, and elsewhere:

It all adds up to an incredibly fun collection, and we've got a few of our favorites -- featuring appearances from other monsters, including a giant, wolrld-conquering Frankenstein -- after the jump!

That last one may be the single best image you see you today, considering that it features a giant ape fighting a giant robot ape that shoots lasers out of its forehead, but I'm pretty partial to this one, too...

...if only because it is essentially a stylized version of Panel 4 from every installment of Dinosaur Comics.

Check out Monster Brains for more, especially since they're updating with new posters every day this week!

[via Pink Tentacle]