Everybody knows that Golden Age Wonder Woman can be pretty kinky. In fact, people joke about it constantly. After all, credited Wonder Woman writer William Moulton Marston was collaborating on the stories with his two wives, Elizabeth Holloway and Olive Byrne, and they were all known to be into some stuff that went far beyond their polyamory. And whether artist Harry G. Peter was in on the implications of what he was drawing or not, he gave it his all.

So in a spirit of openness and positivity, we've dug through the first five years or so of Wonder Woman comics in search of kink. And if anybody had doubts, the kink is definitely there.

As the art in this gallery shows, it's not just about getting tied up. There's a woman who keeps another woman as her dog (complete with skintight puppy suit), and there are women spanking each other with various tools, riding each other like horses, and forcing each other to dress up like babies.

There are three narrative sources for kink in Wonder Woman. First, there are the Amazons, who have weird BDSM rituals and bondage filled-games. Second, there's the Beeta Lambda sorority at Holiday College, where Wonder Woman's sidekick Etta Candy always seems to be initiating somebody. And finally, there are the villains, who don't just tie people up; they keep slaves as a matter of course.

A quick note: Consent and safety are paramount in real-life kink and fetish play. Wonder Woman is a fantasy, and the more outrageous elements of these comics should be understood in that context. Just because the Baroness Paula Von Gunther wasn't into safe words doesn't mean you don't need one.



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