Somehow, Good Smile found a way to make Jared Leto's Suicide Squad Joker even more of a creep than he was on screen. I'm not even sure how that's possible considering all the ridiculous things we know about Leto and his Joker, but they did it. This is the kind of thing that happens when you try to chibi-fy deranged sociopaths though. They come out of the wash looking even weirder for wear.

While the Harley Quinn doesn't fare quite as poorly in her transition to Nendoroid form, it's still a little bit weird having a cutesy girl that looks like a cherubish child in hot pants and a belly shirt. Some things that works for more realistic action figures just don't make the leap as clearly for the Nendoroid form. That doesn't mean Good Smile won't try though.

It's a shame too because from the neck up, the Harley Quinn has a fun design. I like the way Good Smile rendered her hair, and the three face plates included give you some variety and show her personality. I'm glad so many companies are now taking advantage of Harley to give head sculpts more dynamism than we typically see. The figure also comes with the bat she wielded in the film, giving you the ability to put her in that "Bo Knows" pose. The Good Smile-exclusive version also includes a backdrop featuring promotional art from the movie, but neither option shown are very enticing for display.

The Joker is a weird figure no matter how you try to break it down. All three of his faces are way too intense, and the dark shading around his wide eyes only draws your attention to them more.Somehow, Good Smile found a way to make Jared Leto's Suicide Squad Joker even more of a creep than he was on screen. Including the electric shock therapy cables as an accessory takes things to a whole new level. I get that the figure needed something to have and hold, but they look like a broken jump rope at first glance, not that what they actually are makes them any better. For reasons they don't explain, Good Smile gave the Joker larger hands and feet than any other Nendoroid. Other than giving him strange proportions, I'm not sure what advantages that decision affords.

The Nendoroid Harley Quinn and Joker are available for pre-order from most importers now for ~$45. They are expected to be out in March 2017.


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