If you thought you'd seen the last of Grickle creator Graham Annable's comic commentary on your favorite TV shows after Lost wrapped earlier this year, then think again. After catching the first four episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead, the cartoonist is back at lovingly parodying his televised dramas of choice. For those who have tuned in, it's a wonderland of leaps in logic. But be careful fans who are waiting to watch the season in a batch -- these hilarious gags are all kinds of spoilery.

Annable breaks down his inspiration for the strips on his Flickr album "The Walking Not-So-Smart," which primarily seems to focus on the series' most recent two episodes "Tell it to the Frogs" and "Vatos," in which certain character decisions seemed to defy the survival impulses of more omniscient viewers at home.
I hope that this flickr set doesn't come off as super hateful of the TV series "The Walking Dead". It's just that, so far, I've been disappointed in a lot of the writing. I think the zombie scenes and efx have been solid but the character development and logic has been killing it for me. My nerdy inclination, of course, is to vent all my issues through a collection of slightly mean-spirited doodles. Enjoy or object. :)
As a fan of both Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's TWD comics and a regular viewer of AMC's TV adaptation, I've felt much of Annable's pain. At the same time, that hasn't stopped either of us (or millions of other steady viewers) from tuning in each week for more.

Check out Annable's spoilery parody strips below:

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