Chris Arrant at Robot 6 found something cool earlier today: the stylish cover for "Grant Morrison: All Star," an upcoming Italian book about one of contemporary comics' most influential figures. Italian artist Francesco Biagini illustrated a dense cover featuring the man himself surrounded by several of the characters he created or put his signature stamp on. I'm pretty sure I even see Hitler, from "The New Adventures of Hitler," back there near Frankenstein from "Seven Soldiers."

A little bit of poking around the publisher's site using Babelfish to get some rough translations reveals several details about " All Star." According to this page and its image, the book is debuting at Lucca Comics and Games 2010, and hitting Italian comic shops in December.

The upcoming book will apparently run 320 pages and span Morrison's career from "Zenith" to "Multiversity," and include sections on the work of several of Morrison's collaborators, like Frank Quitely and Chas Truog.

If you can read Italian, feel free to check out some stunning endorsements from people like John Lennon, Andy Warhol, and Alan Moore.