If you are the type of person who likes high-end hardcovers reprinting original comic book art, then cousin, this is the time to be alive. Not only do we have IDW's "Artist's Edition" hardcovers that are reprinting stuff like Dave Stevens' Rocketeer, Miller and Mazzuchelli's Daredevil and Jack Kirby's New Gods, but other publishers have noticed that there's gold in them there hills and are getting into the act too. First, it was Dark Horse and its "Gallery Edition of Miller and Simonson's RoboCop vs. Terminator, and now, it's Graphitti Designs, which is launching a line of "Gallery Editions" focused on DC comics like Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Kelley Jones's Batman run, and Frank Miller's Ronin.

Basically, Frank Miller fans get Christmas like eight times a year now. It's a pretty sweet deal.

The line of hardcovers, reprinting the original pencil art at its full size -- usually 11" x 17" -- is launching later this year with Ronin and Batman by Kelley Jones, a long-time Batman artist known for his work in the 1990s alongside writer Doug Moench and a penchant for giving Batman really, really long ears. Those are just the first two, though, as the line is also set to include Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams's pivotal Green Lantern/Green Arrow from the '70s, Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's The Killing Joke, and still more Miller with The Dark Knight Returns, which... yeah, I'm probably going to need that.

It's worth noting that the Graphitti Designs website lists only the artist for these (ie. "Brian Bolland's The Killing Joke), but there's also one that they have listed as "Neil Gaiman's Sandman." It'll be interesting to see all those Sandman comics that Neil Gaiman drew.

For more information, and a truly hilarious bit of ad copy with a fifth-grade style "Webster's dictionary defines..." introduction, check out the Grapphiti Designs website.