Back in the '90s, the comics industry was lousy with crossovers, and most of them were exactly that: lousy. The dream of seeing your two of your favorite properties collide was often undercut by a poor execution that didn't really leave anyone happy with the results. And then there was Frank Miller and Walter Simonson's RoboCop vs. Terminator, quite possibly the single greatest crossover of all time. Not only is it a thrilling, complex story where everything makes sense in the context of both properties, but, well, it's Frank Miller and Walter Simonson doing RoboCop vs. Terminator at the height of their careers. It's pretty great.

It's also been out of print for twenty years, but now, Dark Horse is getting it back into print with the fanfare it deserves. This July, RoboCop vs. Terminator returns with not one, but two special edition hardcovers.



The first is a $25 hardcover that reprints the original four-issue miniseries. In addition to the story of how RoboCop discovers that the technology used to create his cybernetic body is the same technology that leads SkyNet to gain its genocidal sentience, the hardcover is set to feature an all-new introduction by Steven Grant and recolored art from Steve Oliff. No word on whether it will also include the Simonson-drawn cardboard stand-ups of RoboCop, the Terminator and ED-209 that came with the original issues, but one hopes.

The second collection is a $125 "Gallery Edition," that seems to be taking its cues from IDW's Artist Edition hardcovers, reprinting Simonson's original 11" x 17" line art for the series:



Unsurprisingly, Simonson's artwork for this series is absolutely beautiful, making this oversized monster of a book a pretty tempting purchase. The hardcover collection ships on July 2, while the Gallery Edition follows it a week later on July 9.