If we've made anything clear this last month, it's that our love of the holiday season is pure and true, and also that we want pay people as often as we can to make comics about it. Aside from our holiday cards by Anthony Clark of Nedroid and our recent Kris Kringle origin story Let's Be Friends Again, we also commissioned four different Great Holiday Comics That Never Happened. from artists like Steven Sanders, Nate Bellegarde,Dean Trippe and Kevin Mellon. These are those comics.

Action Christmas #1 (December 1958)Story By Chris Sims
Art by Dean Trippe

Everyone knows that before he came to Earth and took the identity of Clark Kent, Superman was born on Krypton as Kal-El, and when that planet was destroyed, he became its last survivor! Until today! When a rocket crashes on the doorstep of Superman's Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole, the Man of Steel investigates and finds his long-lost cousin, NO-EL! Sworn to bring gifts to everyone on Earth, No-El seems like an ally -- but when he starts giving presents to the likes of Brainaic and Luthor, will he cause even more trouble than Kryptonite? Find out in "The Super-Santa From Krypton!"


The Hanukkavengers #1
(December, 2010)Story by Chris Sims
Art by Kevin Mellon

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat to the holiday season On that day, the Hanukkavengers were born!

When the sinister Dr. Doom hatches a plan to harness the energy generated by worldwide top-spinning to power his own Cosmic Dreidel and gain mastery over the entire world, Israel's own Sabra gathers a group of heroes to save Hanukkah itself! But can even the combined might of Magneto, Moon Knight, Kitty Prydeand the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing stop the maniacal Von Doom?! Maybe not -- but the addition ofWolverine, whose contractual obligations to appear as a part of every single team in the Marvel Universe have led him to embrace the teachings of the Torah, ought to even things up!

It's a gants or nischt battle for the fate of the Festival of Lights with a Mildly Magnificent Mighty Marvel Mazel Tov! L'chaim!


Krampus On Infinite Earths #7(2010)Story by Chris Sims
Art by Nate Bellegarde

For sixteen hundred years, Santa Claus and Krampus have been an unstoppable team, giving presents to good children and hauling the wicked ones off to Hell! But now, as the sinister Nackles grows in power from his absolute destruction of the North Pole workshop, that partnership has come to an end with The Death of Santa Claus!

Without their jolly leader, can even the combined might of the Council of Cross-Time Krampuses, including fan-favorites like Krampula, Bat-Krampus, Gun-Toting '90s Krampus, Teenage Mutant Ninja Krampus,Mortal Kombat Krampus, and the sultry Krampess rise up to stop the planet Earth from becoming a charred cinder of coal? Find out in this double-sized shocker that changes everything you know about the Holidays!

Giant-Size Man-Enbaum #25(1974)Story by Chris Sims
Art by Steven Sanders

For sixteen hundred years, Santa Claus has traveled the world to bring toys for children, chaining devils and conquering Martians in adventures that would thrill even the Earth's mightiest heroes! But there is one creature that even St. Nicholas fears... for whatever knows cheer burns at the touch of... O' MAN-ENBAUM!

Who is this silent monstrosity of lights, candy canes and tinsel that stands guardian over the Nexus of All Christmases?! Find out this year as you adventure into Christmas cheer in the titanic tale we just had to call... How Deadly Are Thy Branches!

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