In our recurring feature, ComicsAlliance writer Chris Sims and a rotating cast of talented artists imagine a finer world to bring you a look at the Best Comics Ever that Did Not, Will Not, and occasionally Can Not Happen! This month, we're switching it up a little to bring you a special holiday themed installment every week, and for the last week before Christmas, Chris and artist Steven Sanders (Marvel's S.W.O.R.D.and Deadpool Team-Up) bring you a true Yuletide Tale of Terror: O' MAN-ENBAUM Check out the full cover and a look at every one of our GCTNH Holiday Specials after the jump!

Giant-Size Man-Enbaum #25 (1974)

Story by Chris Sims

Art by Steven Sanders

For sixteen hundred years, Santa Claus has traveled the world to bring toys for children, chaining devils and conquering Martians in adventures that would thrill even the Earth's mightiest heroes! But there is one creature that even St. Nicholas fears... for whatever knows cheer burns at the touch of... O' MAN-ENBAUM!

Who is this silent monstrosity of lights, candy canes and tinsel that stands guardian over the Nexus of All Christmases?! Find out this year as you adventure into Christmas cheer in the titanic tale we just had to call... How Deadly Are Thy Branches!

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