Boom Box's print version of Madeleine Flores' webcomic Help Us, Great Warrior sadly reaches its conclusion next week with issue #6.  The series tells the charming tale of a brave (and great!) warrior who looks kinda like a jellybean, who protects a  whole village full of people who look kinda like jellybeans from all sorts of terrible and wonderfully designed  threats.

As the final issue opens, Great Warrior and the villagers have been dumped into the dark land of Demonside. The situation looks bleak for our bean-shaped pals, but Great Warrior has one last awesome power up in her pocket that may be enough to save the day. (It's a metaphorical pocket; I don't think she has any actual pockets.)

Check out our exclusive preview below:








Check out the solicitation for the issue, which goes on sale next week, Wednesday 29:


Help Us! Great Warrior #6 (of 6)
Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Author: Madeleine Flores
Artist: Madeleine Flores
Cover Artist: Lauren Jordan
Price: $3.99
Synopsis: Final issue! Can Great Warrior and the villagers survive in Demonside?!