Boom Box, Boom Studios' young adult imprint, has been one of the go-to places for top quality comics that not only provide representation for people who often don't see themselves reflected in the stands at their local store, but also provide excellent stories in and of themselves. The likes of Goldie Vance, Jonesy and Giant Days are some of the most consistently fun and exciting comics being published right now, and today we learned of a brand new series joining the fold.

Announced as part of a piece at The New York Times celebrating the imprint, Backstagers by James Tynion IV and Rian Sygh follows a group of theater crew kids from an all-boys private school who get whisked away to an alien world. The new series is described by the Times as a mirror image of the acclaimed hit seriies Lumberjanes, and promises to be just as diverse, welcoming, and exciting.

Speaking to the Times, Tynion notes that this is a passion project, as he was a theater kid himself in high school. Like many Boom Box books, it will tackle themes such as LGBT representation often found in other books in the line, and Tynion notes that as a bisexual man himself, he wants Backstagers to be something a queer teen can pick up to see themselves in its pages.

The article also focuses on the growing success of the Boom! Box imprint as a whole, and speaks to editor Shannon Watters --- who oversees the line --- about the growing success and small amount backlash the line has received. Head to The New York Times to check out the full feature.


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