Boom’s Backstagers is one of my favorite comics to premiere in the last year. Ryan Sygh’s lineart and Walter Baiamonte's colors bring the weird, gorgeous magical backstage world to life, but it’s also worth highlighting James Tynion IV’s writing, particularly his focus on overt, in-canon queer representation.

Before Backstagers #7 comes out on February 22, I want to take note of the loveliness that is Backstagers #6, published in January. Spoilers for #6, and for the series as a whole, below.

When Jory is horrified to find out his friends have been magically turned into objects, he is especially upset when he finds Hunter. You see, since the very first issue, Hunter and Jory have had some clear romantic chemistry. Hunter has flirted, Jory has blushed (a lot), and they've had moments, but there had been no specific confirmation that they were an item. Until issue #6.


Boom Studios


That’s right, not only do Jory and Hunter have plans to go on a really cute date (a Space War movie), but Hunter is his boyfriend! I was honestly surprised the reveal happened this issue, and that Jory was asked out off-page, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Oh, and once Jory saved his friends, he gave Hunter a passionate, relieved kiss. Even Beckett can't help but find it sweet --- despite his patented eye-rolling.


Boom Studios


From The Backstagers' first announcement, Tynion made it clear that this cast is full of gay, bi, and trans kids. After seeing Beckett confirmed as trans a few issues ago, seeing Jory and Hunter as an honest-to-gosh couple made me so, so happy.