The CW launched its new advertising slogan "TV Now" yesterday, with a brand new trailer for the network and shows like Arrow, which will apparently feature a new (old) look for the latest television incarnation of vigilante Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow.

Yes, amongst the various actors from The Vampire Diaries pouting at the camera and trying to pretend that "TV Now" isn't a meaningless slogan (Did the CW used to be something other than TV before this branding?), you can clearly see Stephen Amell wearing an old-school domino mask as the titular hero from the upcoming Arrow:

Previous promo images from the series have featured Queen in vigilante guise without any attempt to disguise his identity; it's possible that the new image shows off a change to the character's appearance that comes later in the series, or it's simply a temporary change for this trailer to underscore the character's superhero origins. Either way, this nod towards the character's comic book origins seems like a welcome addition to me, even if the timing makes it seem as if he's just seen The Dark Knight Rises and thought, hey, that thing about wearing a mask to protect your loved ones? Batman might've been onto something there...!

Arrow debuts on the CW at 8pm Eastern, October 10. I give it a week before he decides that masks are where it's at.

[Via SHH]