A hero is defined by their villains, and the world of superhero comic books is filled with some of the scariest and silliest bad guys around. Rogues’ Gallery aims to settle the score and determine who is the true arch-nemesis for some of our favorite superheroes, and we need your help to do it!

This week we're looking at the villains of the Emerald Archer himself, Green Arrow. Whether it's fellow archers, gang bosses, or drug lords, Green Arrow's villains usually exist at street level, but we want to know which one is his ultimate enemy.

Historically, Green Arrow's number one nemesis has been Merlyn, but in recent years, and thanks to the television show Arrow, many have come to see Deathstroke as his main enemy. There's also Count Vertigo, who is frequently pitted against Oliver Queen, because you can't shoot an arrow if you can't get your equilibrium straight.

Recent years have seen Green Arrow's enemies bolstered in number with characters like Cupid, Komodo, and a new incarnation of The Red Dart. The latest issues of Green Arrow have also established the criminal organisation The Ninth Circle. Working alongside Shado, they're a formidable threat to Green Arrow and his allies.

Let us know who you think gets the top spot for Green Arrow’s number one nemesis below, and we’ll be back in a few weeks with a countdown of his top ten best and baddest villains. You can vote for up to three selections in the poll!



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