The CW seems to be moving along rather speedily on its potential live action Green Arrow TV series. According to Deadline, Canadian actor Stephen Amell has been cast as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the network's Arrow pilot, which is based on the DC Comics superhero. Director David Nutter (who also directed the Smallville pilot, as well as more recent episodes of Game of Thrones) will be helming the pilot, which seems solid enough conceptually: Spoiled rich kid gets stuck on island, learns archery to survive, comes home a changed dude and fights crime with his new skills and technology. The ambiguous "technology" term is a little concerning considering GA's use of a creepy voice modulator thing on Smallville. So far, however, no robots have officially been cast for a voice modulator role in Arrow.I don't know a ton about Amell aside from what's on his IMDB, but I do know there's a lot of shirtless images of the dude on the internet that prove he can do a mean set of crunches -- like, probably the kind a billionaire playboy would learn while stranded on a jungle island for a few years? At any rate, his Twitter feed demonstrates he's got a pretty good sense of humor, so hopefully the pilot's script will let him make Ollie (at least partially) jolly.

[Via Deadline]